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The Scent Problem

One issue that is not addressed for new hunters is the problem of your scent scaring away deer. I found a great solution to this problem.

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Field Dressing a Deer Instructional Ebook

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Be prepared to field dress your deer.  This book is for all types of hunters.  Beginning or expert you can learn from this easy to read and understand e-book. It is very important to do a though job to help preserve your meat. Beautiful color pictures make it easy to understand and do. Below is a sample picture from the book. The items below this book are a list of the tools we use and suggest you take into the field with you to do a great job.

Field Dressing GuideStarting the cut into your deer here.

Tools for Field Dressing a Deer

Field Dressing Knife

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Trophy Whitetail BuckTrophy Whitetail Buck seems to be looking over his domain.
Two Trophy Whitetail Deer BucksThese Two Trophy Whitetail Deer look to be serious about who is boss Buck

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Field Dressing a Deer Instructional Ebook

Price: $9.95

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Should you find a fawn PLEASE LEAVE IT WHERE IT IS. It is not abandoned by its mother. The mother is out feeding and left her fawn or fawns in what she considers a safe place. quoted text

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